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Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright says the state’s current caucus-convention nominating system is headed for a giant iceberg, that we have a gun to our head, all in the form of the: “Count My Vote Coalition” which is funded from big DC and NY money and is threatening to dictate how our private political parties are allowed to operate.
Thomas Wright is strongly pushing this ‘Count My Vote’ agenda by using fear over the SCC members to game the caucus system out of our local control and indeed to remove the local county and neighborhood processes.

Count my vote as long as it is only in a direct primary control.

Count my vote only if ‘they’  get to dictate who my choices are, as ‘they’ desire in a “California” style, big money one chance, on choice primary.

Count my vote only if it is a primary consisting of your ‘lesser of two evils’, or twelve evils.

Count my vote so long as it is for one of the globaly funded candidates, selected and managed by out-of-state, out-of-country interests


Earn My Vote in our own local neighborhood Caucus pre-primary system so we can have real candidates, that we the people select.

Do we want only those candidates with 10 million dollar campaigns or candidates of thier choosing; or those who have moral and constitutional principles?

If we want our votes to count for anything, we must preserve, participate and strengthen our nations historic republic caucus system.

Utah has had a Caucus system for all but 10 years of its history.

As reported by the Utah Foundation, in its 2011 study of the caucus system, if the 60% automatic candidate rule were changed to the “Count My Vote” proposed 80% then in the last 11 years there would have only been 4 additional state and federal primary races.

Also in the last 2 elections the number of republicans participating in the caucus system has increased by 100% every election, to where nearly 50% of all those voting in the primary and general elections also participate in their local caucus elections.

Our system is working very well.

Let us not give into fear and trade for a system that removes our additional level of local representation to be stolen from us, under threat, for a California system where we must choose between those the candidates selected for us by Wall Street banks and Career Washington political Interests.

Here is the GOP SCC Meeting Video

and here are the leading questions, Thomas Wright presented and misrepresented to lead the UTGOP SCC Meeting on 3-23-2013


In 2012 the Utah SCC GOP already Passed a: Resolution
in which the GOP stated…
WHEREAS a group of former government officials and corporate lobbyists known
as the, “Count My Vote Coalition” is attempting to us an extra-ordinary method to
change the manner used by the Utah Republican Party to select candidates for
the General Election by asking the Utah Legislature to adopt a law that would
dictate the process for a Republican to become a Republican Candidate in the
WHEREAS Count My Vote Coalition has announced in various media editorials
to force their desired changes to the Utah Republican Party’s nominating
procedures through initiative petition if the legislature fails to act as this group of
former Government officials’ desire,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Utah Republican State Central 
Committee opposes any change to the nominating process outside of our 
governing documents. We further oppose any additional rules or regulations that 
would dictate to the Party by the State of Utah and hereby direct the State party 
Chairman to contact State legislative leaders and inform them of the party 
position on this issue.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Utah Republican Party will use any means
available to defend its right to self determination. We further direct the State
Party Chairman to forward a copy of this resolution to State Legislative Leaders
and Utah Lt. Governor Greg Bell.
Written by Layne M. Beck
Sponsored by Don Guymon, 801-294-0241

However in fear some proposed changes are minor, while some are extensive.  Proposed changes to the Caucus/Convention system include, but are not limited to, ideas such as:

  • Implementing preferential balloting / instant runoff voting at caucuses;
  • Raising the 60% threshold required for a candidate to be nominated at convention without going to a Primary Election;
  • Raising the number of State Delegates again;
  • Allowing candidates the option of gathering petition signatures to be placed on the Primary ballot rather than going through the Caucus/Convention system;
  • Allowing absentee voting for Caucuses;
  • Opening the currently ‘closed’ Republican Primary (allowing all party affiliations to vote on who the Republican nominee should be);
  • Moving to a Primary system instead of a Caucus/Convention system;
  • Changing Caucuses to the Legislative District level instead of the Precinct level;
  • Implementing electronic voting and/or Caucus participation;
  • Revising the Delegate Allocation system;
  • Eliminating ex-officio (“automatic”) delegates;
  • Keeping the system the way it is.

Let us not let ‘Party Crashers’ to takeover our system through threat and coercion.

Let us not allow a system that can be gamed by out-of-state and extra-party  action.

Let us not permit our vote to be bought by high priced, professional political marketing.

We must instead make our  vote count and ensure our nominees…

Earn Our Vote